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Per una Enciclopedia Dantesca Digitale

Period:February 1, 2013 - January 31, 2016


The project coordinates the activities of 8 research groups composed of Dante experts from the points of view of history, philology, literature, linguistics, law and politics. It covers the life of Dante, all his vernacular and Latin works, the old commentaries (including illustrations) and the survival of Dante in the sixteenth century and beyond. It also includes a computing research unit specialized in digital libraries, so as to provide one integrated computing architecture that, filled with the contents produced by the domain experts, represents an up-to-date prototype of a future Digital Dante Encyclopedia.
Through a careful timing the research units will produce three types of results: digital documents, publications, and encyclopedic entries.
The project will bring a comprehensive update of the state of the art in all aspects of the world of Dante studies.