Networked Multimedia Information Systems Laboratory


Donatella Castelli

The Networked Multimedia Information Systems (NeMIS) is a Research Laboratory of ISTI-CNR consisting of 16 permanent researchers and 36 non-permanent and associate researchers. The main objective of the Lab is research, development, and real-world application of technologies for the management and fruition of (very-large) digital collections over possibly large-scale distributed infrastructures.

 Designing and developing networked multimedia information systems requires cross-synergies and expertise over the wide spectrum of challenges in the area of information management and processing. On this respect, NeMIS research interests focus on the definition of algorithms, techniques, models and methods addressing aspects such as acquisition, integration, storage, analysis, indexing, provision, and presentation of digital information (e.g., text documents, videos, images, scientific data) across different scientific and industrial application domains.