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A Digital Library Infrastructure on Grid Enabled Technology

Period:September 1, 2004 - November 30, 2007


DILIGENT: FP6 IST Programme (Contract number: 004260, Call: FP6-2003-IST-2/IP). The main objective of DILIGENT has been to create an advanced test-bed for knowledge e-Infrastructure capable of enabling members of dynamic virtual e-Science organisations to access shared knowledge and to collaborate in a secure, coordinated, dynamic and cost-effective way. This e-Infrastructure has been built by integrating grid and digital library technology. The merging of these two forms of technology has opened the way to a new generation of e-Science knowledge e-Infrastructures able to provide powerful environments for research and industrial applications. The experience gained, and the middleware developed, during the DILIGENT project has been carried into the follow-up project "DILIGENT for Science", aimed to continue the path that the GEANT, EGEE and DILIGENT projects have initiated towards establishing networking, grid-based and data-centric e-Infrastructures

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A system with the following distinguishing features: (i) it is a Web-based working environment; (ii) it is tailored to serve the needs of a...