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Period:January 1, 2013 - December 31, 2014


PRELIDA targets the particular stakeholders of the Linked Data community (e.g. data providers, service and technology providers, as well as end user communities), who have not been traditionally targeted by the Digital Preservation community, and typically not aware of the digital preservation solutions already available. Therefore the project aims at building bridges across the Digital Preservation and Linked Data communities, driving the work towards two main goals: making the Linked Data community aware of the already existing outcomes of the Digital Preservation community, and working out challenges of preserving Linked Data, posing new research questions for the preservation community. 

The two main outputs of PRELIDA will be the drafting of a State of the Art report about Linked Data and their preservation needs, and a Roadmap concerning the research paths that are considered most promising, and challenging problems that need to be addressed along those paths.

In conclusion, PRELIDA will facilitate the establishment of a scientific, technological and user group community that can be expected to outlast the project’s duration.

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Digital preservation is the set of processes, activities and management of digital information over time to ensure its long term...