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fuzzyDL is a Description Logic Reasoner supporting Fuzzy Logic and fuzzy Rough Set reasoning. The fuzzyDL system includes a reasoner for fuzzy SHIF with concrete fuzzy concepts (ALC augmented with transitive roles, a role hierarchy, inverse, reflexive, symmetric roles, functional roles, and explicit definition of fuzzy sets). There is also a Protege plug-in that supports Fuzzy OWL2, to build fuzzy ontologies.
fuzzyDL's most interesting features are:

  • it extends the classical Description Logic SHIF to the fuzzy case
  • it allows the explicti definition of fuzzy concepts with left-shoulder, right-shoulder, triangular and trapezoidal membership functions
  • it supports concept modifiers in terms of linear hedges
  • it supports General Inclusion Axioms
  • it supports "Zadeh semantics" and Lukasiewicz Logic
  • it is backward compatible, i.e. it supports classical description logic reasoning
  • full support of Mixed Integer Linear Programming optimization
  • it supports fuzzy Rough Set reasoning within fuzzy DLs

Some applications:

  • Matchmaking
  • Knowledge-based Image Interpretation
  • Multi Criteria Decision Making
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Logic-based Fuzzy Control Systems