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Information Management Systems Research Group - University of Padua


Department of Information Engineering, University of Padua


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The Information Management Systems (IMS) Research Group was formed in the Department of Information Engineering (formerly Department of Electronics and Computer Science) of the University of Padua, Italy, in 1987 when the department was established.
The group activities are concerned with the design, modeling and implementation of advanced information retrieval tools - such as search engines - and digital library systems.  The main aims of the IMS research group are:
to contribute to the advancement of basic and applied research in the area of the management of digital information in its diverse and multiform materializations, by participating in national and European research projects, together with serving on editorial boards of international journals and program committees of international and European conferences and initiatives, 
to provide a good environment to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge of information management foundations to graduate and undergraduate students, and actively organize workshops and summers schools devoted to the transfer of competence to young researchers and particularly PhD students, and to make possible the transfer of results and expertise to industry and public organizations of the region surrounding Padua, but also at the national and European level. 
The IMS research on Information Retrieval addresses theoretical methods and experimental approaches for the efficient and effective gathering, indexing, organization and retrieval of all and only the multimedia data that are relevant to users' information needs from large document collections. Specific research efforts have been directed to solve crucial aspects of retrieval of information from the Web and to design and implement effective search engines. 
The IMS research on Digital Libraries addresses methods, systems, and tools to build and make available effective and distributed digital library management systems to end users. What makes Digital Libraries different from the Web is the rigorous and sophisticated organization of heterogeneous multimedia data, and the need to support distributed, fast and easy access to those data. 
Through its long-standing tradition in information retrieval, and more recently in digital libraries, the group has gained a strong reputation at the national and European level, and it has good relationships with many outstanding researchers worldwide.